What You Need to Know About Live Casino Games

live casino

Live casino games are a great way to experience the thrill of the real thing without leaving home. These games stream live, in HD, to your mobile device or computer and feature human dealers who deal cards and spin the wheel just like you would at an actual casino.

They can be played on a desktop or laptop and are available on most major online casinos. These sites offer a wide variety of live dealer games from reputable software providers, including Playtech, Amaya Gaming, Microgaming and Realtime Gaming.

Getting Started

To begin with, you need to find a website that offers live dealer games. These sites are regulated and licensed by various authorities, so you can rest assured that they’re trustworthy. You can also check out reviews of live casino sites to learn more about their reputations.

A few things you’ll need to know about the technology behind live casinos:

The main component of a live casino is a camera system. These cameras allow the dealer to interact with players at the table and show them what’s happening in the game. They can also respond to chat messages that are sent through the live stream.

A second component is optical character recognition (OCR) software. This is similar to the technology that car parks use to read number plates on cars entering and leaving. It’s used to track the symbols on the cards and numbers on the roulette wheel, so that winners can be announced quickly.

Another important component is the Game Control Unit (GCU). This small piece of hardware digitizes all the information required to run a live casino. It’s about the size of a shoe box, and it’s the heart of every live game.

In addition, live casinos use a server that’s located in a special studio, as well as several video cameras and a monitor for the dealers. These are essential for a smooth live stream.

Unlike traditional online casinos, live dealers don’t have the option to change the settings of their computers or phones. In fact, they’re forced to adhere to strict regulations. This means that only responsible operators can run these sites, which is a huge benefit for players.

The best live casinos have a lot to offer you. They’re a great way to enjoy a wide range of casino games, and they’re available at any time of day or night. Some even offer bonuses to players who play live games.

When you’re ready to get started, simply select your preferred game and click “play.” You can then choose to sit at an open seat or join a table with other players. Most live casinos have a chat function so that you can communicate with your dealer and other players.

The live dealers will be able to answer your questions and assist you with any issues that you may have. They’ll also give you an idea of the house edge on your bets, which can help you make informed decisions about what games to play. The house edge is a measure of the advantage the casino has over you, and it can make or break your success at live dealer casino games.